Unveiling Ooka’s Stylish New Look with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe experience manager

Ooka Heating Devices LLC – a premier eCommerce brand with a rich array of offerings across hookah retail is here to shake the eCommerce scene with its fresh vibe and sleek makeover. The new website is radiating vibrancy with life and color, making it hotter than ever.

So, guess what’s making all of this possible? 

Well, let’s say hello to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). With AEM’s magical touch and interactive capabilities, we’ve successfully turned Ooka into the hottest spot for enthusiasts; every scroll on the screen now invites engagement, making Ooka the future of shisha.

Over the years, Ooka has been seamlessly evolving and showcasing immense adaptability to technologies, ensuring the best possible experience for all hookah lovers out there. However, with the latest enhancement with AEM, Ooka is no longer the old online store! Now, enthusiasts can easily jumpstart with their exploration of e-hookah products and savor hand-picked shisha molasses from shisha masters themselves, creating seamless moments of delight.

Now, let’s jump in to explore what AEM is and its significance in digital commerce.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager is an exceptional content management system (CMS), that gives businesses the ability to wow customers with a whole new level of personalization across devices, channels, and markets. More than just a content manager, the AEM platform seamlessly incorporates digital asset management (DAM) functionalities to efficiently handle all your digital assets and create a context-driven experience for your customers.

Leverage this business tool and its distinct authoring components to create stunning websites, microsites, and mobile applications, all while empowering your team to effortlessly roll out digital experiences in real time. Witness a significant uptick in productivity as it empowers remote teams to swiftly connect, manage, and optimize tasks to stay in line with changing consumer requirements and behaviors. 

With its advanced marketing tools and AI-powered insights, AEM benefits your business by seamlessly streamlining and elevating marketing efforts, allowing for the effortless creation, delivery, and management of large volumes of content. From optimizing workflows and automating tasks to tailoring campaigns and designing impactful landing pages, AEM facilitates a strategic, channel-specific approach, driving improved conversion rates, and helping your business scale effortlessly. 

Moreover, being a component of Adobe Managed Services, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) serves as an all-in-one solution that smoothly integrates user experience, intuitive user interface design, social collaborations and marketing automation to help you achieve your online objectives way faster. 

Now let’s get started with what made Ooka choose AEM for eCommerce

Ooka, a thriving hub for hookah enthusiasts already had a sturdy eCommerce platform. However, as they scaled, they realized there was more to be done to strengthen their online presence. They wanted to streamline marketing and create stand out customer experiences. After all, it’s the customer experience that serves as the core force binding customers and brands together.

With this vision, Ooka turned to explore the powerhouse of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. The strategic goal was not only to fortify Ooka’s value proposition but also to propel substantial growth and achieve scalability in its operations.


To make this happen, Ooka joined forces with Codilar, a seasoned expert in digital experiences and Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions. Codilar’s renowned proficiency in integrating advanced technologies and navigating the complexities of top-notch eCommerce brands made them the ideal companion for Ooka’s aspirations.

Here’s where the magic really happens: our team of Adobe-certified experts could foresee the golden opportunity to enhance Ooka’s user interface with Adobe Experience Manager implementation. Thanks to AEM’s flexible architecture, we seamlessly integrated it with Ooka’s Adobe Commerce platform, giving their CMS pages a sleek facelift. 

So far, we’ve gracefully transitioned Ooka’s Home and Categories pages onto AEM. While the rest of the pages still reside on Magento, the grand plan is underway. Soon, the entire Ooka site will be powered by AEM, giving a complete makeover to their online presence. 

Here are the positive changes we made to Ooka’s site using AEM:

  • Parallax Effect: Our AEM experts infused a dynamic 3D immersive effect to Ooka’s web pages using AEM. In this enhancement, images and texts were separated into layers that moved at varying speeds, resulting in a modern and stylish website. Now, users can scroll through the webpage and interact with different parts, enhancing their experience and allowing them to explore the product in detail.
  • Headless AEM: Headless CMS is the evolving trend that’s going to shape websites in the near future. For Ooka, our focus was on building a powerful eCommerce solution that blends the best of both worlds, Magento and Adobe Experience Manager. This means Magento handles the business side behind the scenes, while AEM’s headless CMS manages the look and feel of Ooka’s website, promoting experience-driven commerce.
  • Multilingual Website: AEM’s built-in Multi Site Manager makes it easy to translate the site into different languages. Our experts employed this feature to transform Ooka’s site into a multilingual platform. Now, Ooka can reach a wider audience, sharing its stories without language barriers. The result? visitors can experience seamless language switches, getting localized content tailored to their preferences and regions.

Tap to see the transformations in Ooka’s UI/UX.

In addition to Adobe Experience Manager Implementation, our eCommerce solution experts also enhanced Ooka’s platform capabilities with a whole suite of distinct Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. To know more about what all integrations went behind the scenes, check out our case study.

Here’s a testament to our impact on Ooka’s project, a journey filled with many up-and-downs that earned us a spot as a finalist for the Headless Champ award at Meet Magento India 2024. Although victory slipped through our fingers this time, we’re confident that our efforts will be acknowledged in the future. 

AEM Benefits

If you’re considering integrating your platform with AEM, Codilar Technologies, and our AEM experts are ready to assist you. Let’s together realize your eCommerce vision and build an impactful online presence with our premium AEM services.


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