For you to focus on the greater vision, we help you craft user engaging, scalable and customized e-commerce websites. Our services range from Magento based e-commerce solutions design and development to maintenance and support. We have the best fit service offerings for the existing or new e-commerce needs of your business!




At Codilar, we do in-depth analysis to suggest best practices and architectural insights to help you improve your e-commerce experience. Now, businesses can take advantage of our technology and industry understanding to realise the full potential of Magento for optimizing and streamlining the e-commerce solution.

codilar for start-ups

Having begun as a Start-Up ourselves, we take personal cause with helping out new and upcoming businesses take off! We understand the specific difficulties faced by a startup on all fronts, especially when it comes to deciding on the right processes, tools, and techniques to take the business forward. Our experience and resources, having created a brand for ourselves, are open to fresh Start-ups who would like to collaborate, confer, or simply take on our services!




We believe that the web storefront is the soul of a business! Which is why, we dedicate a major part of our designing strategy to thorough research and data implementation so as to produce a truly user-centric experience. Our design team can create stunning yet relatable customer experiences which ensure that the end result is coherent with the brand identity and positioning.


We create robust Magento-based storefronts for businesses, allowing them to take the market by a storm! Our team of Certified Magento developers come with an acute understanding of market requirements and the perfect skill sets nurtured over years of experience, enabling us to guarantee completely customisable, interactive and user-friendly e-commerce solutions.


Ready to take the next big step of migrating to Magento 2? Achieve maximum gains in cost efficiencies and productivity enhancements with upcoming Magento 2.x releases based on our early experience and learnings with Magento 2 migration, ensuring a smooth transition from any platform and version. Our experts know exactly how to migrate your webstore from any platform or previous Magento version to latest Magento 2.x without losing your valuable customer, sales and catalogue data.

mobile application

Take your business to the world with our customised mobile solutions, which bring your products & services to the customer’s fingertips! By leveraging Magento’s out-of-box responsive design theme, we can improve the customer experience for a better conversion rate. Our expertise includes developing Native, Hybrid and PWA solutions customized for your business.



Digital Marketing

The consumer’s mind is a minefield of opportunities that can be stimulated with an intelligent marketing strategy covering all the aspects of paid advertising, SEO, email marketing and more. We believe digital marketing is an art, much like storytelling, that has the power to influence not only preferences but also patterns for the digital consumer.

Hire a developer

Never get stuck because of your limited access to an expert Magento developer. Hire a dedicated offshore resource or team with deep insights and practical application skills in Magento that make them equally capable of working on various existing modules as well as creating custom ones to match your requirements perfectly.

performance optimization

One of the easiest way to lose potential customers in today’s fast paced competition is to have a website that underperforms! A slow loading website can shun visitors, lowering the opportunities of conversion significantly. Our Magento Optimization Services enable quicker page loads, speedy product displays, and faster checkout.


Every Batman needs an Alfred! While you take on the dangers of the world wide web, we are there to back you up, ensuring a support system that keeps your business up and running with in-depth maintenance and good natured advice!