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Redefining Hookah Retail: Ooka’s Journey to Excellence with Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions

Company Brief

Ooka Heating Devices LLC is a premier eCommerce destination for hookah enthusiasts, offering top-notch equipment, accessories, and exquisite shisha molasses. With a strong presence in both the US and UAE markets, Ooka serves as the go-to for a lifestyle, curating exceptional experiences for enthusiasts seeking premium draws through specialized e-hookah products. Going beyond mere sales, Ooka distinguishes itself by actively building a community, accommodating the preferences of both retail and wholesale clientele.

Ooka teamed up with Codilar to realize their goal of enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency. With proven expertise in seamlessly integrating advanced technologies like Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions, our experts at Codilar saw an opportunity to elevate Ooka’s user interface while efficiently addressing their existing eCommerce challenges.

Objectives &

Ooka initially operated through its existing eCommerce platform, meeting the diverse needs of hookah enthusiasts. However, with a vision to elevate its platform capabilities, the company sought to harness the power of Adobe Commerce Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. The goal was to fortify the brand’s value proposition, drive substantial growth, and achieve scalability.

Within the dynamic hookah industry, Ooka confronted the following crucial challenges as it aimed to boost customer engagement and establish itself as a prominent player in the competitive market.

These challenges, while posing obstacles such as brand inconsistencies, customer confusion, heightened operational costs, diminished performance, and compromised customer experiences, prompted Ooka to proactively consolidate efforts and seek a sustainable path forward.

Solution Approach

Facing diverse challenges, Ooka pursued a comprehensive solution approach for its eCommerce transformation. Recognizing the urgency of the identified challenges, our team at Codilar set clear deadlines and milestones to guide the implementation process. The primary focus areas included:

Implementation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

To seamlessly integrate AEM into Ooka’s existing Magento platform, we deployed skilled AEM developers who underwent thorough training to grasp Ooka’s site intricacies and capabilities. Our aim was to build a headless, hybrid website, where Magento managed the back-end business processes while AEM handled personalization and omnichannel content delivery.

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions

Recognizing the versatility of Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, our team harnessed its one-stop, flexible capabilities to effortlessly address all the key bottlenecks faced by Ooka.

Loyalty and Referral System Integration

To overcome limitations in discount applications, we implemented our solution that allowed customers to seamlessly apply multiple discounts to a single product. This was crucial for improving sales and reducing cart abandonment rates.

Amplify Business Efficiency

To address operational inefficiencies through smoother workflows, we concentrated on key areas, including the reduction of operational expenses, the minimization of delays in international shipments, and the optimization of logistical coordination.
Codilar’s solution approach, tailored to the unique challenges presented by Love Bonito’s eCommerce platform, successfully enhanced stability, performance, and compliance while freeing up the client’s in-house team for front-end innovation. This approach demonstrated Codilar’s expertise in addressing complex eCommerce issues with precision and effectiveness.

Solution Highlights

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

The implementation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), specifically on the Home and Categories pages, transformed Ooka’s site. This integration helped in building a captivating parallax effect using ready-made components, resulting in a visually engaging site that perfectly captures the essence of Ooka’s offerings through compelling content and appealing aesthetics. Besides, its user-friendly dashboards, version control features, and advanced flexibility, allowed for efficient tracking of customer engagement levels and personalization of high-quality marketing content across channels, streamlining workflows and enhancing user experience.

Dynamic Bundling and Grouping Enabled by Adobe’s APIs

Leveraging Adobe’s APIs, Ooka seamlessly incorporated dynamic product bundling and grouping into its business model. This allowed a diverse range of product offerings, including personalized sets and packages. Customizable functionalities managed through exclusive backend interfaces empowered Ooka to efficiently handle and update product bundles, ensuring responsiveness to evolving market trends and customer demands.

Product Listings

Utilizing Adobe Commerce’s efficient product management capabilities, Ooka can seamlessly oversee the entire order lifecycle-from order placement to fulfillment, including real-time payment processing and availability updates. This means Ooka can now promptly introduce new collections or modify product descriptions, ensuring timely updates on Ooka’s eCommerce platform. The enhanced accuracy in product listings led to a substantial boost in click-through rates (CTR) and SEO rankings, elevating Ooka’s online visibility.
These solution highlights were pivotal in ensuring the success of the Love Bonito project. They underscored Codilar’s commitment to delivering a high-performance, compliant, and adaptable eCommerce platform, meeting the client’s objectives and paving the way for future growth and innovation.

React for Front-end Development

Opting for React and NextJS in front-end development proved ideal for Ooka, thanks to its flexible architecture and scalable user interfaces. With stable APIs and fast rendering capabilities, Ooka efficiently implemented changes in the virtual DOM before going live. This proactive strategy not only identified potential risks with updates but also ensured optimal website performance. Additionally, React contributed to improved code stability and SEO friendliness, enhancing Ooka’s overall performance.

Implementation of Loyalty and Referrals System

Ooka seamlessly integrates Adobe’s advanced loyalty points system with Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals, establishing a dynamic API infrastructure. This backend framework not only drives customer actions but also utilizes Yotpo’s agile loyalty platform for quick launches and continuous iterations. Moreover, customers can earn and redeem points through various campaigns, driving repeat purchases and increased engagement. Integrated analytics provide detailed insights, empowering Ooka to make informed decisions, enhancing customer retention, and fostering brand loyalty.

Multiple Discounts

Implementing the Multiple discounts extension, Ooka successfully overcame the default limitations of Magento 2. This allowed customers to seamlessly apply multiple discounts in a single order, converting occasional visitors into loyal buyers. The extension’s user-friendly features, displaying applied coupons and facilitating seamless backend management, not only improved the overall shopping journey but also significantly reduced cart abandonment rates. The result, heightened customer loyalty and increased sales.

Advanced Product Subscriptions

MageDelight’s advanced product subscription extension empowers Ooka to efficiently track and manage recurring purchases. This module establishes a robust subscription model, integrating seamlessly with major payment gateways such as Tabby and Spreedly. It also provides customer-friendly features like skip, pause, and cancel subscriptions.

Beyond reducing dependency on payment gateways, it facilitates personalized subscriptions for specific customer groups, accompanied by detailed tracking through a user-friendly dashboard. The outcome: increased customer engagement and streamlined subscription management, ultimately boosting Ooka’s business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Service Layer

Introducing a service layer on Ooka’s site establishes a middleware solution, acting as a bridge between Magento and PWA. This intermediary, leveraging PHP interfaces, seamlessly connects the presentation layer and domain layer, ensuring effective schema integrity across both platforms.

Promotion with Freebies

Embracing freebie marketing has proven to be a highly effective strategy for expanding Ooka’s global reach. Through a thorough analysis of the targeted customer group, freebie products are strategically promoted to both entice new customers and engage existing ones. This strategic initiative has substantially enhanced customer perception, elevating Ooka’s competitiveness and brand credibility.

Other Technical Integrations


OOKA successfully transformed challenges into opportunities, leveraging innovative technologies and strategic integrations. The result is

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