eCommerce Roundup June 2024

eCommerce roundup

As 2024 hits the mid-year mark, the e-commerce industry has climbed the ladder of innovation and advancement higher than ever. June has been specifically an eventful month with industry advancements, platform enhancements, exciting future events, and more that promise to redefine the future of online retail. Here’s an all-inclusive e-commerce roundup for June 2024.

Platform Updates

1. Shopify Adds Sort Filter and Category Filter in the Search & Discovery App

eCommerce roundup

Shopify has rolled out crucial updates to its Search & Discovery app. This update is aimed to enhance the end customer experience by empowering merchants with more customization options.

New Sort Filter Values

Merchants can now define custom sort orders displayed on their collection and search result pages, enabling them to prioritize products on specific criteria that align better with their business goals. This enhancement ensures that customers discover products in the order that makes the most sense for their requirements.

  • Sort Filter Values: The filter values will be automatically displayed in alphabetical and numerically ascending order by default. Based on specific requirements, it also enables manual customization of the filter values’ order.
  • Shopify Magic: On the other hand, Shopify Magic can rearrange the filter values if you opt for the “Reorder for Me” option. 

New Category Filter

The inclusion of category filters ensures that customers can experience better navigation which results in simplifying browsing and discovering products that match their interests and preferences. For merchants who set up product categories using Shopify’s Product Taxonomy, it adds to the improved storefront discovery.

 2. Easy Bundles in Draft Orders

Another feature has been rolled out by Shopify, allowing merchants to include bundles in draft orders. The merchants can either use the Shopify Bundles app or build their own custom bundle offers using Shopify APIs. This update makes way for new possibilities for customized shopping and a boost in sales.

Moreover, Shopify enables the CartTransform function to automatically run on all draft orders.

  • Benefits for Merchants:
    • Create and manage product bundles effortlessly.
    • Improved order customization.
    • Increased average order value.
  • Benefits for Customers:
    • Attractive bundle discounts and offers.
    • Improved overall shopping experience.

3. Adobe and TikTok Integration

There’s been an announcement of a new collaboration between Adobe and TikTok at the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity. Adobe Express users can now access TikTok’s Commercial Music Library via the Symphony Assistant add-on, which will provide the users with over a million pre-cleared songs for their commercial use.

eCommerce roundup

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This integration, powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI, aims to simplify and strengthen the TikTok content creation for brands. This collaboration is set to transform content creation, providing users with a broader range of music options.

  • Key Features:
    • Access to TikTok’s extensive Commercial Music Library.
    • Seamless integration with Adobe Express.
    • Enhanced content creation capabilities for brands.
  • Impact on Content Creation:
    • More engaging and dynamic video content.
    • Streamlined process for adding popular music tracks.

4. Discover Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant

eCommerce roundup

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Adobe has unveiled its new AI Assistant for Adobe Experience Platform that employs generative AI and user data to transform customer interactions within Adobe Experience Cloud applications. The all-new AI Assistant is capable of interpreting natural language prompts, enabling IT, operations, and marketing teams to receive better insights, recommendations, and optimized workflows.

It also ensures data security and privacy, leading to protected customer data. Moreover, it’s revealed that future updates will expand its capabilities to incorporate workflow automation and predictive analytics.

  • AI Assistant Features:
    • Personalized insights based on customer data.
    • Simplified and powerful processing of natural language prompts.
    • Automation of routine tasks.
    • Advanced predictive analytics.
  • Benefits for Businesses:
    • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction.
    • Increased operational efficiency.
    • Data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Industry Updates

1. Amazon Launches AI for Product Defect Detection

Being at the forefront of multiple technological innovations over the years, Amazon has yet another exciting news that can be the new norm for ensuring product quality and low return rates.

Amazon has introduced a new AI system that can detect product defects prior to shipping. This is aimed at improving customer satisfaction and reducing return rates. Leveraging machine learning, this AI technology analyzes product data and images to detect potential issues, ensuring only high-quality products reach customers. This adds to Amazon’s commitment to reduce carbon footprints too. This new system is a part of Amazon’s efforts to leverage advanced technology for enhancing logistics and quality control.

  • Amazon’s New AI Capabilities:
    • Advanced image recognition technology.
    • Real-time defect detection.
  • Impact on Operations:
    • Improved quality control.
    • Reduced return rates and associated costs.
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

2. OTTO Launches Live Shopping App for Apple Vision Pro

eCommerce roundup

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OTTO, a German e-commerce giant, has launched a live shopping app, especially for Apple Vision Pro, making significant strides in the interactive shopping experience. Shoppers can participate in live shopping events through this app, gaining access to an immersive and engaging shopping experience.

This initiative from OTTO is dedicated to blending augmented reality (AR) technology with the traditional e-commerce experience, offering customers the best of both worlds. The German company has positioned itself at the forefront of innovative retail solutions as it offers customers real-time product demonstrations and interactions, improving retention using cutting-edge technology.

  • App Features:
    • Implementation of AR technology.
    • Real-time product demonstrations.
    • Interactive shopping experience.

3. New AI Models from Meta

New AI models have been released by Meta that commit to transforming digital interaction and content creation. Designed for improving content generation, image recognition, video recognition, and natural language processing, these models display advanced AI and ML capabilities. Meta’s announcement emphasizes the ability of these AI models to add to the user experiences across Instagram and Facebook. These models are an integral part of Meta’s efforts and commitment to integrate advanced AI into different services, producing personalized and efficient user interactions.

  • Capabilities and Benefits:
    • Enhanced natural language processing.
    • Improved image and video recognition.
    • Advanced machine learning algorithms.
    • Better content moderation.
    • More personalized user experiences.

4. Apple & OpenAI Announce New Partnership

A strategic partnership between OpenAI and Apple has recently been announced, aiming to seamlessly integrate AI technologies into Apple’s ecosystem. Focusing on enhancing various Apple products and services through OpenAI’s advanced AI models, this collaboration is set to provide AI-driven enhancements in macOS and iOS, improve Siri’s responsiveness and contextual understanding, and also introduce new developer tools to build innovative AI-powered applications.

This partnership will bring significant innovations to e-commerce and other sectors. Both companies are focusing on their data security and privacy to make sure that all AI implementations comply with privacy standards.

  • Partnership Highlights:
    • Joint research and development initiatives.
    • Integration of AI technologies into Apple products.
    • Focus on ethical AI practices.
    • Enhanced AI capabilities in consumer products.

5. LinkedIn Enhances B2B Advertising

To enhance B2B advertising, LinkedIn has now rolled out AI-powered tools and Premium Video Ads. With these new features, LinkedIn is aiming to improve ad performance and streamline campaign creation for its users.

While B2B marketers can expect higher engagement rates and better targeting options with Premium Video Ads, the AI-powered tools are focused on offering actionable insights and automation to enable marketers to create more effective campaigns with optimized strategies, set for offering better results with minimal manual effort. With these updates, LinkedIn aims to offer better value to advertising customers.

  • Premium Video Ads:
    • Enhanced targeting options.
    • Increased engagement and reach.
  • AI-Powered Tools:
    • Automated campaign optimization.
    • Detailed performance analytics.
    • Personalized ad experiences.

6. Threads Finally Launched Its API

The popular social media platform, Threads, has finally launched its API, enabling developers to make easy integrations to enhance their applications. From user profiles, messaging, posts, and comments, the API offers a wide range of features, intending to expand third-party applications’ ecosystem to improve the Threads experience.

Designed with scalability and security in mind, the API ensures robust applications with top-notch data privacy and protection.

  • API Features:
    • Comprehensive documentation and support.
    • Seamless integration capabilities.
    • Robust security measures.
  • Developer Benefits:
    • Access to new functionalities.
    • Ability to create more interactive applications.
    • Enhanced scalability and performance.

Past Events

Webinar: The Future of Retail 2024

On June 25th, 2024, Codilar hosted a highly insightful webinar titled “The Future of Retail: Emerging Trends and the Role of Technology.” Codilar partnered with Klevu, Fynd, and Freshworks to share valuable perspectives on how technology is shaping the retail landscape. The industry leaders contributed to the webinar with handpicked strategies and hottest retail trends for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Webinar Summary:
    • Generative AI’s role in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.
    • Customer acquisition (offline and online) through omnichannel retail strategies.
    • Unified commerce technology for enhanced in-store shopping experience.
    • Strategic approaches to use AI to achieve personalized customer interactions and streamlined operations.
    • Importance of choosing the right technological solutions to meet business goals.
  • Expert Speakers:
    • Yazdan Irani – Director, Global Partnerships at Fynd
    • Mairaid Harte – Head of Partnerships, EMEA at Klevu
    • Ashwin Santanagopalan – Global Director, Product Marketing at Freshworks
  • Guest Speakers:
    • Mostafa T. – General Manager at Wego
    • Vasim Salim – Head of Ecommerce and Marketing at Hotpack Global

Learn more about the webinar here:

Upcoming Events

1. B2B Ignite

Scheduled for July, B2B Ignite is a premier event for B2B marketing professionals. It promises to deliver actionable insights on B2B marketing trends and create networking opportunities with industry leaders. While thought leaders from the top B2B companies will share their valuable knowledge and experience, this event is a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead in the B2B marketing space.

2. Savant eCommerce New York 2024

Savant eCommerce New York is all set to bring together top e-commerce professionals to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the industry. With industry experts discussing the emerging trends as well as the role of AI and machine learning in e-commerce, this event is designed for those looking to innovate in the e-commerce space and build networks.

3. Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East is a premier event for affiliate marketing professionals that promises to gather 3,500+ attendees, including advertisers, publishers, ecommerce sellers, and tech suppliers. The event features six content tracks with 60+ sessions on topics such as AI-powered ecommerce, lead generation, and content monetization. The event offers extensive networking opportunities, including a Meet Market for speed networking.

4. Online Retailer

The Online Retailer Conference & Expo is Australia’s largest e-commerce event. It will feature over 150 industry experts from top brands, 12+ content streams, and six free stages. Attendees can explore innovative solutions from 140+ exhibitors and participate in workshops, training sessions, panels, and fireside chats. The event also includes the Australia Post Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS), celebrating excellence in Australian e-commerce.


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eCommerce roundup

eCommerce Roundup June 2024

As 2024 hits the mid-year mark, the e-commerce industry has climbed the ladder of innovation and advancement higher than ever.

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