Apple Vision Pro and the future of eCommerce

Apple vision Pro

Every year, Apple Inc. hosts the Worldwide Developer Conference, where the opening of the event features announcements and the unveiling of the latest products and updates just before the commencement of the actual conference.

During the 2023 WWDC event, Apple Inc. announced the latest editions of its products, namely the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, Mac Pro, and new iOS features. However, the showstopper of the event was the launch of the Apple Vision Pro AR headset.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is one of the first products to be introduced since the Apple Watch in 2015. Although the product was unveiled at the WWDC in 2023, the official release date for Apple Vision Pro is said to be in early 2024. The product will be available to US citizens around that time.

Unlike virtual reality, where the user is completely immersed in a virtual environment, Apple Vision Pro makes use of a futuristic concept called ‘mixed reality’, where the user’s digital world is integrated into their real-world environment. 

This is why Apple Vision Pro is said to be a ‘Spatial Computer’ as opposed to the classic desktop and laptop. A spatial computer works on motion gesture recognition, and this Apple product is a 3D interface that functions by tracking eye movements, hand gestures, and voice input too.Thus, the user’s digital screen seamlessly blends into their environment, as if their digital data is physically present right before their eyes.

The official statement from the brand states that the Apple Vision Pro interface creates “an infinite canvas for apps that scales beyond the boundaries of a traditional display and introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface controlled by the most natural and intuitive inputs possible — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. Featuring visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro lets users interact with digital content in a way that feels like it is physically present in their space.” 

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The Apple Vision Pro hardware consists of a headset that introduces a new feature called “EyeSight,” which makes use of a front-facing display. This feature allows others in the room or surroundings to see the user’s eyes despite the presence of the opaque visor.

Furthermore, unlike other computers, the Apple Vision Pro features are work-related rather than focusing on gaming features, emphasizing its work-focused nature.

The next big question is:

What are the Applications of Apple Vision Pro?

The use of a spatial computer enables users to interact with the system intuitively, in an immersive way. Apple Vision Pro promises easy integration in various industries.Thus paving  the way for several potential applications.

apple vision pro

With that being said…

What is the Impact of Apple vision pro on eCommerce?

Apple Vision Pro is based on Augmented Reality but takes it a step further with the Mixed Reality headset. Augmented reality adds digital things, like images or information, on top of what users see in the real world while Mixed Reality goes beyond AR. It not only adds digital things to the real world but also lets users interact with them as if they were really there. Therefore, mixed reality is the future of the eCommerce industry.
This is a game changer for eCommerce!

Here’s how Apple Vision Pro could revolutionize the eCommerce sector

  • Virtual store tours and Virtual try-ons: Vision Pro could also be used to create virtual showrooms  which helps customers interact with products from different brands of their liking. It offers them the luxury of a virtual store tour from the comfort of their home.
    Furthermore, customers could use Apple Vision Pro to try on clothes, jewelry, and other items virtually before they buy them. This would allow them to see how the items look on them in real-time and enable them to make sure that they fit before they commit to buying them.
  • Enhanced Product Visualization: Apple Vision Pro could be used to place virtual products in the real world. This would allow customers to visualize how products would look in their homes or offices before they buy them.
  • Immersive Product Demonstrations: With Vision Pro, rendering  life like 3D models of products can help create immersive product demonstrations. With the help of AR, customers can virtually interact with the products, understand their features and functions in a more interactive way. This also provides an enhanced product showcase that helps users interact with products in virtual product walkthroughs, by creating a 360-degree view of a product.This enhances the online shopping experience and helps customers make more informed purchase decisions.
Apple vision pro
  • Immersive Shopping Experience in 3D: Apple Vision Pro could be used to track customers’ gestures and enable them to view products in 3D and to interact with them in a more immersive way. This would make it easier for customers to understand the features or other product related details before making the purchase.
  • Better Customer Support: Vision Pro can offer better customer support. One of the main pain points of customers is troubleshooting any product issues they encounter. With Vision Pro, helping customers trouble shoot remotely, becomes easy. With the help of AR, problems can be easily diagnosed and resolved effortlessly.

    Interactive customer surveys can be conducted in order to collect product feedback and reviews with live demonstrations.

    Furthermore, Vision Pro may also provide live chat support where customers can have a real-time video feed of the support agent. AR tools could be used to address customer concerns. This way, users receive immediate and effective AR based assistance 
  • Virtual shopping assistants: Apple Vision Pro could be used to create virtual shopping assistants that can help customers in finding products, answering their questions, and also making recommendations. These virtual assistants could be accessed through a variety of channels, such as live chat, email, or social media.

Challenges and how to Stay Ahead of the Curve

While Vision Pro looks like a promising product, it is important to identify the potential challenges that may arise.

1. Cost: Vision Pro is a premium product with a steep price tag. The high-price could restrict widespread adoption of the product thus limiting accessibility. 

2. Technical Knowledge: Given the level of technology involved in the working of the product and the occasional technical glitches, users might not find the product user friendly right away. 

3.Limited content: Vision Pro requires high resolution images and videos specifically designed for their product. For eCommerce brands, high quality assets require efficient DAM capabilities. This might cause a strain in their DAM systems and dissatisfaction among customers due to limited content.

4.Health Concerns: As with many VR headsets, extended use of the product may cause strain and discomfort to the eyes. 

5.Privacy concerns: Although Apple Inc. is big on Privacy, the use of built-in sensors and cameras that access user movements and environmental details, might be a concern to several customers. User control over data shared and privacy policies are to be addressed. 

Despite the challenges mentioned, Vision Pro has the capacity to revolutionize how users engage with technology. Various industries are actively preparing to embrace this emerging virtual reality (VR) trend, including the eCommerce sector where big brands are gearing up to leverage its potential.

With that being said we can assume that while the impact of Apple Vision Pro on the eCommerce industry remains uncertain, the potential advantages it offers are substantial, and it is expected to greatly influence the future of online shopping. This technology holds the promise of creating highly engaging online shopping experiences for users, transforming the way people shop!


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