Codilar to the Finals – Pimcore Data Hero of the Year 2022 Award

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At Codilar, there’s a palpable excitement in the air, and a nervous energy seems to have consumed all of us. We are chirpy, tingling with enthusiasm, there’s a spring in our step, and a sparkle in our eyes. And why not? Our team has every reason to feel proud of our latest achievement. For, we have made it to the finals of the Data Hero of the Year 2022 Award! Here is a little background on this Award to help you understand why we’re so excited about this achievement.

We partnered with the Lals Group to craft an e-commerce platform for them, named Mom Store. As the name suggests, this is a site for new moms, babies, and young children. They sell everything from clothes and toys to baby bedding and accessories, to furniture and equipment like strollers and more. We leveraged Pimcore to help them manage over 80 thousand products and 90 attributes, with ease and efficiency.

The Data Hero of the Year Award considers factors like the scope of the project, the reputation of the customer, and the implementation time. It also looks at how well the case study was built and presented, to decide on the most inspiring and fascinating data management systems.

Now that brings us to the question,

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open-source digital platform that gathers, enriches, and administers data from organizations to deliver relevant, consistent, and bespoke customer experiences across devices and channels. The platform features seamless integration, delivering centralized solutions for product information management, master and customer data management, digital commerce, and content management systems. Its unified platform eliminates siloed information, presenting data from multiple departments in a single dashboard, helping organizations to achieve optimal efficiency in operations, enhance customer experiences, and significantly decrease IT costs. This empowers the teams, facilitating greater collaboration and data-driven decision making that can improve your bottom line immensely.

To spread awareness about their platform, the Pimcore community conducts in-person events, and posts regularly on blogs, forums, and social networks. The Pimcore Mountain Summit was such an event that was held recently, and the winners and finalists of the Pimcore Data Hero of the Year Award were announced. There are more than 140 official partners globally, and every year, Pimcore recognizes and honors exceptional contributors who showcase remarkable projects built on data management platforms.

It’s said that the proof of the pudding lies in eating it. So, don’t just take our word for it; click on this video to see what the top officials of the Lals group have to say about us and this project:

About Codilar

Codilar is a Magento based company, and we have been helping businesses all over the world to undergo digital transformation and accelerate their success stories. Our prolific team of eCommerce experts are adept at designing, building, and implementing bespoke E-commerce solutions for businesses around the globe, leveraging state-of the-art technology and innovative strategies. Codilar had humble beginnings – a dream that three budding entrepreneurs nurtured in their hearts. Today it has blossomed into a robust plant, deeply rooted in the hearts of many. Today, this Bengaluru based company is proudly partnering with businesses in over 11 countries like the US, Canada, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, etc. to deliver exceptional B2B and B2C e-Commerce solutions. We are proud to announce a customer portfolio that includes brands like ALDO, Lals Group, Wingreens Farms, Candere, Danube Homes – and we are steadily adding more big names to this list.

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