Implementing Shopify to Magento 2 Migration for Wingreens

Magento Migration

Wingreens wanted a one-stop solution that presented their expanding product range in keeping with their vision of farm sourcing and ethical sustainability.

  • Codilar developed an eCommerce platform that reflected the values Wingreens stands for.
  • We provided best Magento 2 Migration service.
  • We integrated the data from the Wingreens Farms and RAW Pressery websites into the new platform.
  • We made it extremely flexible and scalable to meet their growing needs.

Wingreens can now easily handle its expanding customer base and onboard multiple like-minded brands.

About Wingreens is the online home of a curated set of food and beverage products and brands. It is the go-to place for sustainably sourced and minimally processed products from Wingreens and other such ethical brands. It hopes to meet the needs of the new-age millennial Consumer.

magento 2 migration

The concept of Wingreens started with Wingreens Farms, a socially inclusive business that works with underprivileged women. The WIN in Wingreens stands for Women’s Initiative Network.

  • Wingreens focuses on creating minimally processed products using high-quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.
  • It’s products portfolio spans multiple fast-growing categories in foods and beverages, including healthy snacks, sauces and spreads, spice mixes, specialty baked goods, breakfast cereals, non-dairy milk, protein shakes, and a wide assortment of organic Products.
  • Wingreens now owns fruit juices brand RAW Pressery and healthy snack brand Monsoon Harvest and Saucery, which creates dips, sauces, mayonnaises and spreads from natural and authentic ingredients.


Omnichannel online presence

Establish a superlative online presence for Wingreens. Offer an omnichannel shopping experience to their customers.

An integrated platform

Combine all their online activities spread over multiple platforms into a single platform. Showcase the brands that they have acquired.

Manifold sales opportunities

Promote upsell and cross-sell their products, based on buyer behavior, via the single platform.

Increased flexibility

Ensure flexibility that allows customization for a wide range of perishable and non-perishable products. Perishable products are generally temperature-sensitive, location-specific, and must be delivered within specific time frames.

Mobile-friendly approach

Create a website more convenient for mobile users and compatible with a mobile-first audience.

Pain Points

Cumbersome online presence

The online stores owned by Wingreens were run on two different platforms. The SAAS platform was highly unwieldy, which meant they could not achieve their objectives. This caused multiple problems.

Their fast growth called for a flexible platform that would meet their requirements. This was one of the reasons why they preferred Magento.

Massive data migration

They wanted an expert team who could migrate their data from all the different eCommerce applications.

Lack of customization

They wanted to sell temperature-sensitive and location-specific products online. This meant that they needed higher echelons of customization.

So, they decided to switch to Magento. They zeroed in on Codilar because they wanted best Magento Developers in India.

Our Approach

Our unique and proven execution methodology has enabled the delivery of a customized eCommerce solution.

Magento Cloud

We re-built their eCommerce engine on NexPWA, which is an extension suite for ScandiPWA, and migrated all the data from their existing platform. It was our first project integrating NexPWA along with Adobe Commerce Cloud to meet client requirements. We found it to be both challenging and exciting.

Why NexPWA

Wingreens wanted to provide a worthwhile experience to their customers. We recommended NexPWA because it

  • Combines the best features of modern browsers and native mobile apps
  • Has a fast, mobile-friendly User interface (UI)
  • Retains Magento’s scalability and security

Key Highlights

Magento 2 Migration from different eCommerce applications

Since we had to move multiple existing platforms with different data structures to Magento, we had to standardize the data into a generic format.

  • We used the Firebear studio extension to migrate the customer name/ID, address, and order.
  • We coordinated with the Wingreens team and manually wrote scripts to standardize the data into a similar structured CSV format compatible with Firebear.

Delivery of temperature-controlled products

  • The Wingreens portfolio has perishable temperature-controlled products that require timely delivery. We had to craft a strategy to ensure that they would be delivered safely within their individual specified time frames.
  • We tagged these temperature-sensitive products as perishable. Working in tandem with the Wingreens logistics team, we sorted this by adding their API, so that the customer’s pin code would help determine their proximity to a warehouse. Only customers within a specific radius of a Wingreens warehouse would be able to order such products.
  • We also did an offline check of serviceability by matching the pin code with a pre-existing list of non-serviceable pin codes before hitting the APIs.
magento 2 migration

Other Store Highlights

  • User-focused design approach for site flow
  • PWA focused design and development
  • Customized component management for promotions.
  • Customized mega menu and theme based PLP, PDP.
  • Customers can schedule and send gift cards.
  • Customized reviews, cart, profile and search.
  • Code Quality and Architecture Audit.
  • Crisp and smooth site performance and UX.

Other Integrations

  • PayU payment method integration
  • Google Maps Places API
  • WareIQ to offer next-day delivery to their customers.
  • Instagram feeds


Codilar dev team was able to create a unique B2C Framework that had:

  • Stunning app-like UX
  • Sub-second loading times
  • Omnichannel experience unifying online, offline, and warehouse with real-time stock
  • Successful product delivery of Ambient products

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