Finding the right solutions partner can be the difference between knowing your business and owning it! Codilar Solution Experts’ deep knowledge of Magento delivers bespoke Magento solutions, employing data rich resources to help you devise strategic platforms that enable businesses to deliver flexible, robust and optimized e-commerce platforms.



Consistency being our motto we are highly inclined towards providing omnichannel solutions. We believe in breaking all boundaries when it comes to the free flow of information for customers and users.

Diverse groups of customers prefer diverse and multiple channels to make interactions with companies and businesses. Increased competition, continuous change in consumer demands, and available technologies have really enforced the adoption of Omni-channel transformation. Based on the industry, customers, competitors, and the state of readiness of the company, path to omnichannel transformation are different for different business and we understand their need for uniqueness.

We infer complete insight of the business through experiences, observations, and analysis and then develop the right strategy for you to go omnichannel. We strive to provide a synchronized experience for your customers, which is nothing less than a joy!



The key to successful m-commerce solutions is the constant innovation and up gradation and a healthy synchronization of mobile sites with e-commerce store front and offline store!

Customers seek unique, exceptionally functional and simple to navigate mobile solutions and we help businesses to deliver their customers an engaging mobile experience.



We understand that working on a multi-vendor marketplace can be complicated given the specific requirements that differentiate one business from another. We offer deep customization that crafts a niche that is consciously in line with your ideas of what your marketplace should look like! No restrictions of frozen modules, no unnecessary extensions; create your own marketplace experience with Codilar!.



In the absence of physical look and feel of the product, customers would want to know maximum about the product before they actually go ahead and buy it online. Magento platform provides impeccable solutions for 3D display of the products for a retailer. It works out wonders in displaying mandatory features of a product such as shape and size, dimensions and intricate detailing of the product.

3D product imaging is cool! It’s almost true to life and is an interactive way to connect with customers. One can have a high-resolution experience and can have a hang of maximum possible features of a single given product.

One important aspect of providing true to life product displays is the reduction of product returns and increased sales! One can add spark and glamor to their e-commerce site by adopting 3-D imaging solutions by Codilar!


Artificial Intelligence

Keeping ahead of the curve requires an edge on the competetion. Our AI partners help you take that leap by integrating advanced AI modules within our solution matrix in order to come up with state of the art solutions! We also work with our partners in order to customise your webstore bringing in data mining, personalisations and customized marketing campaigns for your store.


B2B and Wholesale

The B2B market is huge when compared with the retail or B2C market; hence taking your wholesale business online can bring amplified profits and more opportunities for growth. We specialize in making the B2B E-commerce website your No. 1 performing sales person by providing revolutionary features.

Magento provides the flexibility to integrate a B2B e-commerce website with popular ERP and order management solutions. With retail e-commerce is gaining popularity owing to its revolutionary features and functionality, the B2B space has also raised its expectation bar and is vouching for similar functionality. We strive to provide aggressive solutions for B2B E-Commerce by leveraging the full potential of Magento.



Shopping is more or less becoming leisure rather than a need, and giving their customers a personalized touch is one thing e-commerce businesses do not want to miss on! Personalization is about creating an experience that keeps the customers bound on your e-commerce site. Product recommendations, tailor made offers, loyalty and reward programs, product packages based on viewed together or purchased together and viewed history etc., are few personalization outcomes that can be inculcated in a Magento based e-commerce website.

Personalization solutions would help an e-commerce business increase customer reach and conversion rates. It also helps marketers to collect more customer data to plan their marketing strategies and campaigns.



Businesses have been using business intelligence in their systems and analytics ever since, though in an unstructured form. We at Codilar provide structured and result-oriented business intelligence solutions to derive useful insights from the pool of registered data.

Magento based BI is cloud hosted. It is an easy to use platform that consolidates data and provides warehousing of hosted data. It makes the decision making faster by running ad hoc reports and analysis.

We provide customizable Business Intelligence solutions for analytics and reporting. Magento based business intelligence provides leverage of directly importing data from CRM database. With minimum stress on your systems and hardware, we provide business intelligence solutions to turn your e-commerce business a success!



Having worked with varied service and solution providers for their Magento connector development, we boast an extensive experience in enterprise level integration of external applications, systems, or third party services with the existing Magento solution. Whether you need a connector or integration for payment gateway, Magento extensions, BI & Analytics, CRM, Warehouse, et al, leverage our domain expertise for seamless Integration tailored to your Magento store requirements.