Seamless Middle East 2024: Here’s Why You Should Connect with Us!

Seamless Middle east 2024

Seamless Middle East 2024 is one of the most anticipated events of the year and rightfully so. This premier gathering for digital commerce will be hosted at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE and will unite the region’s brightest minds – innovators, investors, tech gurus and enterprising businesses – all set to shape the future of technology!

Seamless Middle East 2024: Event Highlights 

With a 24-year legacy, Seamless Middle East continues to be a powerhouse event encompassing nine key areas- payments, fintech, banking, digital currencies, digital marketing, identity and cards, home delivery, eCommerce, and retail.

Explore Innovation 

The event boasts a free-to-attend exhibition featuring over 800 exhibitors and innovators who will be showcasing their exemplary innovations, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of commerce!

Engage with Industry Experts

Seamless Middle East 2024, isn’t just about the cutting-edge exhibition. It’s one of the largest commerce events of the year where over 500 speakers will grace the occasion and, delving into the newest trends, market disruptors and latest technologies that are transforming the eCommerce industry. 

Luxurious Networking opportunities

Furthermore, to help attendees make the best of their experience, Seamless Dubai is providing a luxurious networking lounge, a dedicated guest buyer program and a networking app. These features don’t just facilitate exploring new ventures but also forging new connections and interacting with industry experts.

Meet Codilar: Your eCommerce Growth Partner

With the eCommerce and retail industries thriving, Codilar recognizes the importance of a powerful online presence for long-term success. That being said, creating a stellar website that empowers your brand is no easy feat!

The upcoming Seamless Middle East 2024 will be a landmark event and as a company passionate about creating phenomenal digital experiences and eCommerce solutions, Codilar is excited to be part of this vibrant gathering! We will be showcasing the future of eCommerce. 

Expertise Across Platforms

Our adept team of experts are passionate about creating innovative solutions that empower businesses. At our booth, you will discover an abundance of solutions in platforms including Adobe Commerce (Magento), NexPWA, Adobe Experience Manager, ScandiPWA, React and Pimcore to create customized solutions that empower your online business.

Trusted Partner Across Sectors

From high-end fashion houses and exquisite jewelry brands to home decor specialists and farm-to-table grocers, we have worked and successfully provided solutions to a variety of businesses. But it doesn’t end there. We are recognized as an award-winning digital commerce company, and have several accolades to our name. 

Our Custom Solutions

As a proud exhibitor at Seamless middle east , we bring with us years of expertise and powerful solutions to transform your eCommerce business. 

  • Stay ahead of the curve and navigate changing market trends with real-time insights and adaptable Adobe solutions.
  • Drive conversions and build loyalty with personalized and streamlined processes.
  • Boost sales and engagement and reduce cart abandonment with unique marketing strategies.
  • Optimize operations for success and scale your business with ease.

Schedule a Meeting Now! Whether you’re looking to optimize conversions, streamline operations, or deliver exceptional customer experiences, Codilar has the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Visit us at booth #H2-C50 at Seamless Middle East 2024. We are ready to help you unlock the full potential of your business! We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.


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