Seamless Dubai 2023: Why Meet Us?

seamless Dubai 2023

We are thrilled to announce our excitement for the much-awaited Seamless Dubai 2023 event, and cannot wait to participate in this exciting event.

This dynamic event provides an opportunity to stay at the forefront of the latest industry trends, network with like-minded professionals, and demonstrate our cutting-edge e-commerce solutions. 

With an impressive lineup of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from the world of digital commerce, this event promises to offer us invaluable insights, opportunities for collaboration, and inspiration for future growth. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and think differently !!!

About Seamless Dubai 2023

Seamless Dubai or Seamless Middle East 2023, is the biggest annual conference and exhibition organized for companies operating in the payment, fintech, banking, digital marketing, home delivery, retail, and e-commerce space. 

The Dubai World Trade Centre is all set to host the 23rd annual conference on 23rd and 24th May 2023. The event offers unparalleled opportunities for thousands of world-class brands from across the globe to showcase their cutting-edge products and services under one roof. 

If you have attended Seamless previously, you are going to be awed by this year’s event. The number of exhibitors, speakers and event sponsors has significantly increased compared to last year. Over 500 exhibitors and speakers from more than 140 countries, with over 15,000 attendees, will gather to present an exceptional event.

Seamless unites prominent voices from the retail and e-commerce industry, igniting innovation and inspiring thought-provoking discussions. Also, it serves as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to share their expertise, exchange ideas, and drive progress in the ever-evolving world of digital commerce. 

This event offers a comprehensive range of themes such as:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience 
  • Emerging Technologies

Plus, the event has curated many exciting networking opportunities, including 

  • Guest Buyer Program
  • Networking Lounge – A one-on-one opportunity for premium attendees
  • Seamless Networking Application

Codilar at Seamless Dubai 2023 

Amidst growing competition in the e-commerce space, gear up your store’s capabilities with the right technology partner. Join hands with us and we’ll be an extension of your team, helping you elevate your business and boost conversions. 

Meet us at booth number R82. 

Connect with experts from our team, Mr. Hasheed Hameed and  Mr. Mahaveer Devabalan who are E-commerce evangelists and enthusiasts possessing strong knowledge and experience in leveraging cutting-edge technology for top retail brands.

Why You Should Meet Codilar at Seamless Dubai 2023

The rapid growth of e-commerce has been a game-changer for many businesses. The reason being the unparalleled convenience, customer reach and flexibility offered by digital platforms. 

Though e-commerce has been a boon for retailers looking to save on infrastructure and overhead costs, many have struggled and failed during the transition. Factors like authority, operational efficiency, and slow-loading websites have caused some retailers to fall behind their competitors.

If you are one of those struggling retailers or someone planning to freshly launch your e-commerce website, Codilar Technologies is here to help. Our aim is to provide a seamless user experience by providing tailor-made solutions for Magento (Adobe Commerce) and Progressive Web Applications.

With eight years of experience in crafting top-notch e-commerce solutions, we’ve seen it all. We can be your trustworthy solution partner who can understand your pain points by getting into the nooks and corners of your online store. 

Here’s what you can expect from our booth

  • Networking opportunity with Magento enthusiasts
  • Discussions on the latest e-commerce technology and trends
  • Explore how AI in e-commerce is a transforming phase 
  • Opportunity to resolve queries related to your Magento store
  • Identify what is the roadblock/ derailing your e-store in adapting to changing e-commerce trends
  • Know how Performance Commerce will accelerate your business.
  • Get FREE access to performance commerce accelerators and Plugins from our partners.

Join us at Seamless Middle East 2023 where our team is awaiting to connect with you and assist in any way possible. Take this opportunity to expand your network and explore new avenues of growth.


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