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Transformed Mom Store By Streamlining Product Information and Customer Experience

Company Brief

Mom Store is a prominent brand, known for offering a wide range of mom and baby products. As a leading player in their industry, Mom Store wanted to establish a digital presence that would effectively showcase their diverse product catalog while ensuring easy management and exceptional visual appeal.

Mom Store approached Codilar, a Pimcore partner, with the aim of creating a dynamic eCommerce platform that would seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure and
enable efficient handling of their extensive product information.

Objectives &

Mom Store's objectives include efficiently managing a large catalog, enhancing customer experience, and increasing sales.

They face challenges such as data organization, user- friendly interface, and expanding product offerings. A comprehensive solution is needed to overcome these challenges and achieve their goal.

Solution Approach

Codilar’s solution for Mom Store seamlessly integrates Pimcore and Magento, enabling efficient product information management, enhancing customer experience, and driving increased sales potential.

With streamlined data updates, a user-friendly interface, and support for configurable and bundled products, Mom Store gains a competitive edge in the market

Product Information Management

Leveraged Pimcore as the backbone of the eCommerce platform to efficiently manage MomStore’s extensive product catalog, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information for improved customer satisfaction and increased sales potential.

Implemented a queueing system in Pimcore, enabling faster and seamless batch processing of product information updates, leading to improved operational efficiency and timely data management.

Customer Experience

Integrated Magento as the frontend to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall customer experience and driving higher engagement and conversion rates. Optimized product displays, intuitive navigation, and interactive elements, providing a seamless shopping journey that improves customer satisfaction, encourages repeat purchases, and boosts brand loyalty.

Increase Sales and Product Offering

Customized integration between Pimcore and Magento allows Mom Store to offer
configurable and bundled products, expanding product offerings and increasing sales
potential through personalized and attractive product options.
Facilitated cross-selling and upselling opportunities by showcasing related products and
personalized recommendations, driving higher average order value and maximizing revenue
generation for Mom Store.


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