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Optimizing Love, Bonito's eCommerce: Focusing on Complex Integrations, Catalog Efficiency, and Global Compliance

Company Brief

Love, Bonito is a renowned eCommerce brand with a decade-long legacy of providing fashion-forward clothing and accessories for women. Operating across seven countries, it boasts a massive product catalog and a diverse clientele.

Love, Bonito reached out to Codilar to optimize and maintain their eCommerce platform, leveraging Codilar’s expertise in eCommerce development. The objective was to enhance platform performance and ensure global compliance, allowing Love, Bonito’s in-house team to concentrate on front-end innovation.

Objectives &

The high-level objective of Codilar’s collaboration with Love Bonito was to enhance the stability, performance, and compliance of the existing eCommerce website while allowing the client’s in-house team to focus on front-end development.

The primary goals of this project included:

Solution Approach

Codilar devised a comprehensive solution approach to meet the specific challenges posed by Love, Bonito’s eCommerce platform. The strategy encompassed the following key elements to overcome these challenges:

Data Organization

Codilar adopted a meticulous data organization strategy to efficiently manage a vast product catalog with over 120,000 products, 500+ attributes, and 300+ categories. Products were categorized logically, making it easier for customers to navigate the website.


Codilar’s team tailored the integration to Love Bonito’s unique business processes and data structures. Their platform was upgraded to the latest Magento 2.4.6 P2 version to ensure that the integration not only worked efficiently but also aligned with the brand’s specific requirements, optimizing back-end operations.

Performance Optimization

Codilar implemented performance optimization techniques, including faster page load times and responsive search functionality. This approach ensured that even with a substantial number of products, the website remained user-friendly and responsive.
Codilar’s solution approach, tailored to the unique challenges presented by Love Bonito’s eCommerce platform, successfully enhanced stability, performance, and compliance while freeing up the client’s in-house team for front-end innovation. This approach demonstrated Codilar’s expertise in addressing complex eCommerce issues with precision and effectiveness.

Solution Highlights

Codilar’s approach to the Love Bonito project included several key solution highlights that were essential for achieving success. These highlights not only addressed the project’s objectives but also contributed to its overall efficiency and effectiveness:

Agile Methodology

Codilar employed an Agile development approach to provide Love Bonito with flexibility and responsiveness throughout the project. This iterative and collaborative method ensured that the client’s evolving needs could be accommodated efficiently, fostering a dynamic and adaptive development process.


Automation played a central role in optimizing the website’s performance and ensuring consistent and error-free deployments.

Real-time and Asynchronous Third-Party Integration

Codilar paid special attention to third-party integrations, both real-time and asynchronous, to ensure they operated efficiently. By optimizing these integrations, the website could provide a seamless shopping experience while minimizing potential bottlenecks and data synchronization issues.
These solution highlights were pivotal in ensuring the success of the Love Bonito project. They underscored Codilar’s commitment to delivering a high-performance, compliant, and adaptable eCommerce platform, meeting the client’s objectives and paving the way for future growth and innovation.


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