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Re-imagined customer experience by enabling seamless integration

Company Brief

Homes r Us is a leading home furniture and decor retailer with a strong online presence and brick-and-mortar stores across the world. They are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to their loyal customers. Client approached us to develop a pioneering solution for the mobile-driven marketplace. Our goal was to re-imagine customer experience by enabling seamless integration, robust data exchange, real time updates, and efficient communication.

Objectives &

In a dynamic mobile-driven marketplace, our client seeked to revolutionize the customer experience while effectively communicating.

Overcoming challenges such as multilingual support, catalog management, and seamless integration, we aimed to empower their success and drive business growth.

Solution Approach

Our comprehensive solution addresses the challenges of a mobile-driven marketplace, reimagines the customer experience, and enables effective communication. It includes multilingual support, optimized mobile apps, catalog management, click and collect, SMS notifications, ERP integration, and third-party search integration.

Mobile-driven Marketplace

Multilingual Support: Develop a comprehensive language localization feature to cater to English and Arabic-speaking customers, expanding the client’s customer base and providing a personalized shopping experience.

Mobile Application Development: Create optimized mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, offering a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience on mobile devices, increasing accessibility and convenience for customers.

Reimagine Customer Experience

Catalog Management System: Implement a robust system to efficiently manage a large catalog with over 25,000 products and 400 categories, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product details, prices, and stock availability. This enhances the customer experience by providing reliable and comprehensive product information.

Click and Collect Feature: Integrate the website with store or warehouse systems to offer a click and collect option. Customers can select their preferred store or warehouse and choose a predefined date and time slot to pick up their items, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Effective Communication

SMS Notification System: Implement an efficient SMS notification system for crucial customer interactions, such as registration, order purchase, order out for delivery, and order delivered. This ensures timely and personalized notifications, improving communication and keeping customers informed throughout the purchasing process.

ERP Integration: Seamlessly integrate the e-commerce platform with the client's ERP system, enabling real-time updates on product information, pricing, and stock availability. This integration streamlines operations, optimizes business processes, and ensures accurate and synchronized data.

Third-Party Search Integration: Enhance the search functionality by integrating a reliable third-party search provider into the website. This improves the search experience for customers, enabling quick and accurate search results, and facilitating product discovery.


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