Meet Magento India 2022

Expecting an offline event next year to meet and greet personally, this year also the MeetMagento India event wind-up with many insightful sessions and hope. Hosted on the Hubilo platform, Wagento (Organizers) did a great job in bringing the experience of the event onto a virtual setup.

The event was inaugurated by Brent Peterson and Vijay Golani, with opening remarks followed by sessions from thought leaders and experts in the industry.

Codilar was privileged to be the Headline Sponsor of the event organized by Wagento along with many other sponsors.

It covered topics under Technical, Business and Solutions. Key topics covered on the event were:

  • Customer Success Story, chessbazaar
  • Demystifying Magento Performance
  • Becoming an Expert Debugger
  • The Power of the Edge: Delivering PWA, CDN and Security for Adobe/Magento
  • Top 10 revenue automations for your business
  • Build fast sites, in less time by Howie Ross
  • Headless integrations through GraphQL and PWA
  • Demystifying Online Marketplaces
  • Begin with Hyvä
  • Digital Catalogs at Retail Outlets Boosting Customer Experience & Sales
  • How to build a Hyvä Theme
  • eCommerce Marketing Costly Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
  • Foundations of any successful e-commerce store
  • Deep dive to monitoring with New Relic
  • Future of eCommerce – MACH
  • Adobe Commerce Upgrade Compatibility
  • Multichannel retail strategies to scale your D2C eCommerce business
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Building self-correcting Magento local setup
  • SOLID principle 
  • Cloud Panel Discussion
  • ddev – Awesome PHP / Magento development environment
  • Why Adobe Commerce? by Ravi Mittal
  • Simplifying cross border payments for IT/ITeS services

Our CEO Hashid was the Keynote Speaker of Meet Magento

By having the highest number of attendees the session of Hashid Hamid, our CEO on the topic Demystifying Magento Performance stood out of the crowd. He threw insights on how developers can optimize the performance of the Magento platform. Hashid shared some of the common mistakes that slowdowns Magento.

meet magento India

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Speed optimization is not a one-time job
  • Do not rely on the page speed scores in the lab
  • Test the speed of multiple pages on multiple platforms
  • Tips to speed up Magento performance:
    • Remove unused Magento extensions
    • Optimize codes of the extensions (for developers)
    • Minimize synchronous calls to external APIs
    • Prevent loading unwanted data

Watch His Live Session

Our Solutions and Technology Head Muhammad Mujassam on SOLID principles

meet magento India

This was a more technical session. In the session, he explains the importance of SOLID principles and How Magento uses them, Impact on overall code quality and maintainability.

Many other informative sessions and takeaways were covered this year. The entire event remained super informative and fruitful. 


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