Magento Evangelist and E-commerce Speaker Ben Marks in conversation with Codilar

Ben joined Magento Commerce three years ago after six years of Magento development and education at Blue Acorn. He has been a part of community outreach as well as education and certification programs. He’s spent over a decade working in the open source commerce space

  • Tell us about the current trends in E-commerce Technology
  • Omnichannel is default. Everything is integrating, and insight / analysis is becoming more and more important
  • How Magento Business Intelligence can help middle level merchants?
  • MBI doesn’t just allow merchandisers to see how their efforts affect their customers, it shows exactly which customers have the best benefit per action.
  • Tell us about the impact of Magento in India and your future plans for India
  • Magento’s largest download base is India. There is a phenomenal amount of work offshored to India. We expect that many merchants will come on line in India though as the market continues to heat up. We would like to cover India with education in order to meet the demand.
  • Please let us know, how is magento secured and scalable?
  • Magento 2 was built from the ground-up ready to go for cloud deployment, meanding that it possible to have low TTFB with navtive Varnish cache, use separate database connections, federate work with job queues, etc.
  • Discuss about the new features and additions going to be included in Magento?
  • We prioritize new features based on a combination of market demand and community input (ref ). We have a similar community component for issues:
  • Is Magento enterprise competitive with other platforms like hybris and websphere?
  • Magento Enterprise regularly wins in deals where these other shopsystems were in the running.
  • How agencies like Codilar can contribute to the success of Magento?
  • Blogging about the platform and participating on GitHub are the best ways to help broadly. More locally, it’s awesome to host meetups.
  • For developers new to the Magento platform, what advice do you have for them?
  • There is a lot of good information on DevDocs, and many bright developers have posted tutorials. Try and build a module from scratch to get familiar with the framework, then move onto learning the commerce side of the application.
  • Where do you see Magento after 10 years.
  • Still at the forefront of commerce, because no one facilitates customization like we do.


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