eCommerce Roundup April 2024

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The world of eCommerce is constantly abuzz with innovation. Buckle up, because we bring to you the latest product upgrades, awe-inspiring tech launches, informative events and everything else making waves in the industry. Get the scoop on all things eCommerce in our comprehensive roundup.

Platform Updates

1. Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 Released

adobe commerce

Released on April 8th, 2024, this version of Adobe Commerce features a variety of improvements for online stores. The rollout introduces several comprehensive security features addressing previous vulnerabilities while delivering a host of platform improvements. Over 50 functionalities have been refined offering users a more stable platform and reliable experience.
Key improvements include-

  • Enhanced GraphQL functionalities
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Upgraded payment methods
  • Refined features for building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) via PWA studio
  • Streamlined B2B transactions for a more seamless user experience.

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2. Adobe Launches Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model 

adobe commerce

During the last month, Adobe introduced the Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model. It is a big upgrade in their generative AI technology, bringing in new features and enhancements to image creation, particularly photoshop. 

The new AI model allows users to create and modify images through descriptions, text prompts and image references. Additionally, users can also generate backgrounds of their liking. Compared to the previous versions Firefly Image 3 comes bundled with new improvements that include- 
  • A new style engine that offers a wider variety of image styles, colours, and improved lighting and text display.
  • Enhanced personalization features through auto-stylization.
  • Licensed content that ensures higher quality image creation.
  • Structured Reference Capabilities that allows users to base newly generated images on existing ones

Overall, Firefly Image 3 enhances creative workflows in Photoshop enabling users to explore new artistic avenues and generate high-quality images.

3. Adobe Unveils Groundbreaking New Features At MAX London

adobe commerce

The world’s largest creativity conference MAX saw Adobe unveil avant-garde AI products for its Creative Cloud suite.
Photoshop will now be powered by Firefly Image 3 that offers advanced “generative fill with reference image” features for higher-quality image creation and faster yet artistic image generation. The Adobe Express mobile app has been improved with a suite of AI-powered features including text to image, text effects, generative fills, and text to template empowering creators to generate stunning visuals.InDesign users will now benefit with streamlined publishing workflows with the introduction of text-to-image boost. The event also saw the launch of new firefly services and custom models for businesses enabling personalized content creation.

4. Adobe’s new mobile ADOBE EXPRESS is here

Adobe’s new mobile app- Adobe Express is making waves in the social media industry. The app is a game changer for social media managers, small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs who require an efficient image generation platform for their social media channels. 

The latest update introduces AI-powered content creation features. Leveraging Sensei and Firefly technology users can now generate high-quality images from text description, apply various effects, use generative fills for image enhancements etc. 

adobe commerce

Adobe express also promises enhanced collaboration tools and scheduling options that streamlines workflows making it a valuable app for creating engaging content on the go!

You can download the app on iOS or Android today.

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adobe commerce

5. Shopify updates long press behaviour on lists

Shopify’s latest update improves the long press behaviour across various lists such as Abandoned checkouts, collection index, customer index, customer address and more. The update enhances user experience while interacting with lists, particularly the bulk actions feature. Users who have previously worked with the bulk actions feature on other parts of the app will find it easier to work with it. Additionally, the update also now features filtering and sorting options for some lists for more efficient item selection. Overall the update aims to streamline workflows and improve usability for managing stores. 


1. Amazon Pledges Towards AI and Robotics

Ecommerce giant Amazon is investing in robotics and AI to improve its European fulfillment network. The investment of €700 million will be made over a span of five years. At the center of this deal is the Amazon Operations Innovation lab situated in Vercelli, Italy. It is regarded as the most sophisticated and technologically advanced robotic innovation base in Europe. The lab boasts automated vehicles and other AI powered innovations aimed at solidifying Amazon’s position as a logistics technology leader. 

2. Upgraded ChatGPT-4 Turbo model now in API

OpenAI introduced a significant upgrade to the GPT-4 turbo model, enhancing its capabilities for developers, especially content creators handling visual content. This update, available via API initially, will soon be integrated into ChatGPT. However, this improved version is exclusively available to paid subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Teams and Enterprise. This upgrade brings direct and concise responses to queries and is trained up to April 2024, unlike the previous version that was trained only up to April 2023. Additionally, Open AI recently launched GPT-4 with Vision API to developer accounts, aimed at developers to create a more streamlined work process.

3. Meta unveils next gen Llama 3

Meta Llama 3, the next generation Large Language Model was unveiled by Meta. The model will soon be available on various platforms including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. Future updates will include new capabilities, longer context windows, enhanced performance and more.   The upcoming release will include enhanced capabilities for answering queries too. Meta AI, powered by Llama 3 technology, aims to serve as a leading AI assistant for learning, productivity, content creation, and connectivity. 

4. Creators to get new shopping tools from YouTube

YouTube has unveiled several new shopping tools that are beneficial for creators and viewers on the platform. With these new tools, creators can now curate products, find brand partnerships and endorsements, tag products and brands across videos and seek commissions, and integrate online stores with YouTube Studio. These features offer creators the freedom to create shoppable content while receiving monetary gains from it. Content viewers also stand to benefit from this upgrade. A new shopping destination tab has been released that provides shoppable ads and videos and on-site checkout options that offer direct check-out on YouTube.

5. Frame io 4 Beta Unveiled

adobe commerce Version 4 Beta is a significant update to the cloud-based collaboration platform. The platform is designed to make working on videos, audio, images, and design files easier. The upgrade allows users to organize and manage all project assets with ease, collaborate with team members using specialized review and feedback tools, and customize workflows as per project requirements. With this update users work with more flexibility with customizable metadata fields and dynamic collections, improved collaboration with precise review controls, and a new and improved workspace for focused and efficient workflow. Plus, powerful metadata tools make it simpler to find and track project assets.


1. AEM Meetup Codilar

adobe commerce

Codilar is set to host its first ever AEM meetup in Bengaluru. The event will shed light on the latest industry trends and developments in the platform and share valuable insights into the AEM community in Bangalore. It’s also a chance for AEM enthusiasts to learn from experienced users and network with potential collaborators.

Date: 11th May, 2024
Location: Hotel Pai Viceroy, Bengaluru

2. DUBAI-SEAMLESS Middle East 2024

adobe commerce

The Seamless Middle East conference held in Dubai will focus on the “Future of Digital Commerce”. Key areas of discussion include fintech, eCommerce trends, retail strategies, SME banking and digital identity solutions etc. Attendees can expect to learn about emerging trends and technologies and get a chance to network with industry leaders.

Date:14 -16 May, 2024
Location:Dubai, World Trade Centre
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3. Gitex Africa 2024

Africa’s largest tech and startup show, Gitex Africa will focus on digital health, smart manufacturing, and agritech, improved healthcare, and more. Attendees can learn about tech trends, network, discover startups, and gain insights into the African tech market.

Date: 29 – 31st May, 2024

4. Digital Transformation Summit 2024

The 28th Edition of the Digital Transformation Summit is part of a global series of events set to be held in Dubai. This summit is exclusively for C-Level Executives, Directors, and Heads of Technology to discuss the future of AI, Web 3.0, IoT, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security, and other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

Date: 8th & 9th May,2024
Location: Hilton Dubai, Al Habtoor City

5. eTail Asia 2024

eTail Asia 2024, is Asia’s biggest e-commerce and digital marketing summit. Attendees will hear keynote presentations from industry leaders, panel discussions, networking opportunities and more. Attendees benefit from expert insights, peer networking, trend awareness etc.

Date:14-16th May, 2024
Location: Equarius Hotel, Sentosa, Singapore


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