Conversation with Manu Srikumar, Co-Founder, Denture Capital

Manu Srikumar has about 12+ years of work experience, having spent significant time in Marketing focussing mostly on early stage startups.

  • Tell us about Denture Capital?
  • We help brands with storytelling in video. We create rebellious, endearing content.
  • Why a Media Startup and your motivation to start a media company?
  • We are not a media company, but a content company. Though the inspiration earlier was to start a media entity, we realized we were better off creating a content firm. We saw a gap in the market with traditional videographers not really understanding the subject of entrepreneurship. We wanted to fill that gap
  • Difficulties in Establishing a media Company?
  • As with any other company, its always difficult to start something and then have it grow. There are bound to be cash flow issues, talent management issues, etc. There is also the personal pressure and the sacrifices of time and money that you will have to make.
  • Biggest problems in the media industry?
  • Unlike building products, media does not really pay the bills. Hence we moved to being a content company. We help brands and also create our own content. We have more than 200K audience following us.
  • Funding and its possibilities?
  • Funding is definitely possible and we have had multiple offers. But we want to really stay true to our core mission and hence have rejected offers to get funded. We will try to bootstrap as much as possible.
  • Revenue Model and its feasibility?
  • We have multiple revenue streams that include our services business and our branded content business.
  • How can Denture Capital inspire the younger generation?
  • Starting anything and then continuing to do it is very hard. You have to keep going at it and wait for success to come to you. Do not expect success to be immediate. Longevity is really underrated in India. Winners are always patient and keep going even when the tide is low.


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