Codilar Headlining at Meet Magento ‘21

Meet Magento 2021

When Meet Magento was closing out last time and everyone was saying they will see each other next year, none of us thought that it would be via a 15-inch screen. But as the pandemic showed us, digital adoption is the only way forward and Meet Magento 2021 was no different to that.

Hosted on the Hubilo platform, Wagento (Organizers) did a great job in bringing the experience of the event onto a virtual setup. The event was headline sponsored by Codilar from the Magento partners space, along with DotDigital (Omnichannel Marketing) and PayPal (Fintech).

The sessions were split into 4 major categories: Technical, Business, Solution and PWA. There were simultaneous presentations being given on these 4 pillars of eCommerce. One innovative feature of the event was the virtual booths given to the sponsors that let you interact with people from the vast Magento community and ecosystem players.

Our CEO Hashid was the Keynote Speaker of Meet Magento

Codilar’s very own Hashid Hameed got things rolling and was the opening speaker and was the keynote session of the event, with it being the most liked and viewed video on the stream.

In the talk below we see Hashid talking about the effects of the pandemic causing a hockey stick growth for eCommerce and the importance of Codilar being a holistic tech company to help out consumers, businesses and developers to solve big picture eCommerce issues.

The talk was well received and showed our thought leadership in the market and the Magento ecosystem.

NexPWA Team Lead Jayanka (Joy) on coding for Headless Commerce

NexPWA (Also one of the sponsors) is our in-house product developed on top of ScandiPWA for making mobile commerce seamless and lightning fast. But as we know writing code for PWA can be tricky with so many front-end elements.

Joy’s session captures the importance of architecture for a good PWA experience and why it is more than just simply layout and responsive UI changes. With the panel consisting of Vijay Golani, Arun Bansal, Jisse Reitsma and Miguel Balparda, this is a feast for all you geeks out there.

A Meet Magento to remember:

The above reasons are what makes this year’s Meet Magento special and definitely more memorable than the previous years because of the pandemic.

But one thing has remained constant through the years with the Magento community, and that is innovation and the all-weather-proof nature of eCommerce.

While it is not sure if the next year’s meet will be a physical or virtual one, one thing is for certain that you will find Codilar to be there!


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