Codilar 2.0: We’ve Rebranded!

Codilar 2.0

We are now SEVEN! Yes, time just flew by as it always does, and we are here.

The number seven has had cultural, historical, religious, numerical, and psychological significance from ancient times. Almost every civilization considers the number 7 magical, and it always fascinates and intrigues. We have 7 days a week, 7 wonders in the world, and 7 colors of the rainbow. 

We wanted to make our 7th year special. As our past days flash through our minds, we remember the fun-filled days as well as days of strife—it has been a roller-coaster ride. 

Our CEO Hashid, COO Mahaveer and CTO Thamjeed, the pillars of Codilar, did not start out as entrepreneurs but strived hard over time to be some of the best. 

Codilar Magento Team

As we enter 2022, our seventh year, we are no longer a small, inexperienced bunch of greenhorns. We are now a squad of Magento Ninjas, who have grown from just 3 to 160+. We have grown not only in number but also in experience and abilities. 

We are now transitioning into Codilar 2.0. Yes! You heard it right. We are REBRANDING.

Vision Behind Rebranding

We wish that everyone, especially all our stakeholders and clients, understand our rationale for rebranding.

This rebranding is not a revolution but a part of our evolution as a company. So, while the essence of Codilar has not changed, we are now more conscious of our identity and clear about what we represent.

For example, we had a blue logo, not due to any particular reason but because when we started, most tech companies used blue. We followed what we thought was the norm.

However, we are no longer followers. We create our own space. 

Codilar does not just receive a client briefing and crank out a Magento store. Our primary focus is on Performance Commerce, a revolutionary concept in the eCommerce industry. 

In this competitive space, having an eCommerce store alone will not help you. You need an engine that drives you to your ultimate goal: Sales Enablement.

So, this time around, we chose a red logo.

What Our Logo Represents

Our logo symbolizes our aim, which is to

WIN customers by providing them utmost satisfaction

WIN our colleagues over by supporting them to reach their full potential

WIN universal appreciation for Codilar by making it an outstanding company

Codilar Logo

The color red represents the young, enthusiastic, passionate, confident team.

The square shape showcases our focus on professionalism and efficiency.

The logo mark C stands for Care, the foundation of our values, which is omnipresent at Codilar.

  • At work: We help our clients create excellent eCommerce platforms for their products and provide constant support to maintain them successfully. This results in customer success.
  • Among ourselves: We ensure equal opportunities and resources for everyone. Our work culture is supportive and inclusive.
  • In the market: We adhere to strict ethical constructs and enjoy working with people who have similar values. We are also proud of our contribution to the Community.

To sum up, this new logo is a true representation of the nature of our team and our beliefs.

Other happenings at Codilar

With lots of passion and hard work, we cracked so many of our dream goals in 2021.

Team Codilar
  • We won an official award from Adobe as the Rising Star Partner of the Year.
  • Our project for ALDO made it to the top 3 finalists for the Adobe Experience Maker of the Year award. It was an honor to be among final nominees, such as Accenture and Tabcorp.
  • NexPWA, our Progressive Web App solution for Magento, kicked off in style in 2021.
  • To expand and strengthen our presence in the Middle East, we have now registered Codilar in Dubai.
  • We successfully launched Hyza, our new full-fledged eCommerce solution for the jewelry industry, at the Retail Jeweler India Forum in Bangalore.
  • Our teammate Manav Padhariya won the global developer hackathon organized by Adobe.

Wow! We are excited that the list keeps growing as we reveal our new face to the world. We assure you that many such exciting things will happen throughout this year. Hope you join hands with us to share the joy and satisfaction that they bring. 


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