Codilar for Start-ups

Having begun as a Start-Up ourselves, we take personal cause with helping out new and upcoming businesses take off! We understand the specific difficulties faced by a startup on all fronts, especially when it comes to deciding on the right processes, tools, and techniques to take the business forward, having gone through the same ourselves, and it is from our personal experience that we can boast of that one decision that can never go wrong for an e-commerce start up- to choose Magento as a base for your e-commerce website and m-commerce solutions!

With our personal experience and carefully earned reputation, we help start-ups realise their potentials by mirroring their own vision, passion and sincerity. By enabling pure accessibility to quality resources and services at economic and pocket-friendly price points, a provision for working on revenue sharing models with start-ups, our clients can leverage complete profitability while minimising risks. Our experience and resources, having created a brand for ourselves, are open to fresh Start-ups who would like to collaborate, confer, or simply take on our services!